Exclusive Varieties

At Cope Seeds and Grain, we are proud to work with world-leading breeders and introduce outstanding varieties to the UK market. We have a growing portfolio of exclusive varieties. Our team are experts in organic seed and conventional seed and we have strong relationships with world-class UK and European plant breeders. This means we can supply established varieties but also bring new pioneering varieties to the marketplace, on semi-exclusive and sometimes exclusive arrangements.

We have fully certified organic land in Lincolnshire, where we conduct comprehensive field trials, guaranteeing competitive and organically suited varieties which have been extensively tested for a minimum of two years. We believe it’s important to grow our seed crops as close to the seed plants as possible and our industry-leading portfolio is supported by unrivalled passion and expertise.

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Spring Varieties

Boyko Cope Seeds

Boyko Spring Rye

This spring rye is suitable for cover crop or silage production, offering rapid establishment and good drought tolerance. Boyko has showed excellent standing in private trials.

Evelina web

Evelina Spring Barley

This versatile and low input variety of spring barley offers high untreated and treated grain yields, as well as excellent, high yielding straw for bedding or forage.

Winter wheat

Everlong Spring Wheat

Flamingo Pink Peas in heart shape

Flamingo Pink Pea

Fall in love with the pink pea – a spring variety that offers strong consumer market demand. Early to mature, with good standing, and available commercially for planting this spring.

Triticale web

Frigus Spring Triticale

Peas Cope Seeds web

Gent Spring Peas

Merlin Spring Oats

Merlin Spring Oats

This new, high performing spring oat combines strong yields with outstanding disease resistance, offering the best all round package in official UK NL1 trials.

Pexeso Cope Seeds web

Pexeso Spring Wheat

As feed, this trailblazing variety offers stronger egg shells and higher levels of lutein, which is beneficial to human eye health and helps prevent the onset of macular degeneration.

Puzon cope seeds web

Puzon Spring Triticale

With exceptional yields and high specific weight, Puzon offers high protein content, making it ideal for animal feed. It has excellent disease resistance to powdery mildew.

Somtri Cope Seeds web

Somtri Spring Triticale

A tall, low input variety that produces high grain yields, Somtri’s impressive root structure makes it suitable for drought-prone land and able to tolerate more stress.

Triticale web

Sopot Spring Triticale

spring beans

Victus Spring Bean

This new spring bean variety is growing in demand thanks to the sustainability drive to reduce the amount of soya in feed rations. Attractive premiums are available for growers.

Wirtas web

Wirtas Spring Spelt

This variety offers good yields in low input situations, possessing exceptional milling quality and high protein content. Good disease resistance and nutritional benefits.

Winter Varieties

Convoitise Winter Spelt

Convoitise Winter Spelt

Suitable for conventional and organic farmers, this naturally low-input variety has good protein content and a strong disease resistance to Septoria, yellow rust and mildew.


Eagle Winter Oats

elego winter rye

Elego Winter Rye

This proven and in-demand variety is a population rye with an excellent high untreated yield potential and phenomenal disease and stress resistance.

Elias web

Elias Winter Rye

This high yielding, early maturing population winter rye is dual-purpose, suitable for both feeding and milling. Ideal for rye flour production, cover crop or biomass.

Nelson wheat

Nelson Winter Wheat

This high gluten, high quality winter wheat variety has strong untreated yield potential and a wide drilling window that runs from September to February.

Securo Cope Seeds web

Securo Winter Triticale

The livestock farmer’s choice, Securo boasts the highest protein content and is the second tallest variety in its category, producing very high straw yields.