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Meet the Team

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Image of Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke

Managing director
Gemma is a passionate advocate for organic and regenerative British food and farming. Committed to championing low input and organic crops and supporting sustainable farming practices, it’s her mission to empower farmers with optimal varieties and advice for a new era in agriculture.
George Mallender web

George Mallender

Grass & small seed specialist
George is dedicated to assisting farmers in enhancing species populations and building biodiversity on farms. With deep roots in agriculture sparked by his grandfather and experience in gamekeeping and arable enterprises, he’s a true outdoorsman. Outside work, he's an ex-rugby player turned avid fan after sustaining ankle injuries, and a karaoke lover.
Tom Siswick web

Tom Siswick

Seed production manager & seed sales
Tom manages seed production and technical data for new varieties at Cope, focusing on regenerative and organic farming practices. With a decade of specialised seed production experience at Syngenta, working on hybrid and conventional crops, Tom brings valuable expertise to his role. Outside of work, Tom prioritises family time and enjoys playing cricket on weekends during the season.
Image of Harry Dean Allen

Harry Dean-Allen

Farm trader
Harry strives to secure the best prices for farmers' produce, supporting sustainable and profitable farming practices. With hands-on experience since age 17, including work on a large-scale arable farm and international farming stints, he’s passionate about agriculture. Outside work, he trains for his private pilot’s licence, and plays rugby - often coming in injured on a Monday!
Image of Tom Desborough

Tom Desborough

Senior grain trader
Tom buys grain directly from farms and delivers it to end customers. He focuses on niche, added value, and organic crops, ensuring growers find the best market for their produce. With an adventurous spirit, he skippered charter yachts before starting a career in agriculture, and outside work he enjoys wing foiling and motorcycling.
Image of Simon Travers

Simon Travers

Seed manager
Simon oversees seed product planning, sales, and logistics. With over 48 years of experience in the seed trade, he’s worked for Charles Sharpe and Co, taking over from Cope founder, Trevor, in 1975, Perryfield Seeds (now DLF Seeds), British Seed Houses (now Germinal GB), and Hurrell & McLean Seeds. He’s passionate about Lincoln City FC and railways.
Ryan Clarke Cope Seeds

Ryan Clarke

Finance director
Image of Francesca Richards

Francesca Richards

Grain administrator & event organiser
Francesca looks after all Cope's events from agricultural shows to regional bespoke gatherings and keeps on top of the grain administration. With a background in retail, she’s highly organised. Outside of work, in the rare moment she’s not busy with her children and puppy, you’ll find her enjoying a book and a coffee!
image of Katya Diggines

Katya Diggines

Accounts & Office Manager
Katya manages accounts, assists the grain department, and generally keeps us on track! With a diverse background including roles in a holiday park, caregiving, and supermarket work, plus training as a pneumatic engineer with her dad, she brings a unique perspective. She enjoys reading and creating amazing memories with her family.