Niche Crops & Contracts

There are many niche break crops which can bring benefits, including financial gain, to a crop rotation.

Introducing a break crop can help spread market risk and can offer benefits in terms of disease and weed control, nutrient supply, water use efficiency and improving soil health and biology.

Our growing selection of niche crops which are making a resurgence are backed by our team’s expert knowledge and include Naked Barley, Naked Oats, Spelt, Rye and Einkorn.

We market conventional seeds and organic seeds which have been bred by world leading plant breeders and are extensively field tested.

Naked Barley Cope Seeds Web

Naked Barley

These grains thrash freely from the hulls when harvested, reducing the need for processing or pearling. It requires less input than wheat and grows well in adverse conditions, both organic and conventional.

Naked Oats - Cope Seeds

Naked Oats

An ideal choice for a wide range of land or rotations, or as break crops, naked oats offer high premiums for growers. Versatile and popular for animal feeds, flaking, malting and cosmetics.

Flamingo Pink Peas in heart shape

Flamingo Pink Pea

A new, innovative product that delivers consistently high yields, and has growing consumer market demand. Better performing in treated yield comparison data – with premium buy backs available.

Boyko Spring Rye close Cope Seeds web


Early to mature over a wide window, rye is ideal for early autumn drilling and on drought-prone land. Grows well in poorer soils, with vigorous growth habit.

Convoitise Winter Spelt


The profile of this ancient grain has hardly changed in the past 7,000 years. Now enjoying a revival, organic or conventional spelt is ideal for artisan baking and livestock rations.

Bi cropping Cope Seeds web

Bi-cropping opportunity

A new spring bean and wheat organic bi-cropping opportunity has been launched by Cope Seeds and Grain in partnership with Abacus Agriculture.

Terravesta Athena Miscanthus

In an industry first, Cope Seeds is partnering with Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, to market its rhizome hybrid Terravesta Athena.