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About us

As a family-run business with 85 years of expertise, we combine heritage with innovation, laying the groundwork for sustainable food and farming legacy.

We represent varieties which encourage regenerative agriculture from world-class breeders in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, and Poland. Our focus is on supporting low-input and organic farming systems, positioning us as the leading producer and supplier of organic seeds in the UK.

At Cope we have a steadfast commitment to long-term partnerships with breeders, growers and producers, cultivating resilient and sustainable markets and variety prospects, as well as dedicating resources to research and development.

“People make places and each one of our team brings expertise and real enthusiasm for high quality seed and grain.”
Gemma Clarke

Our history

Established in 2003 as a family-run enterprise, Cope was the brainchild of Trevor Cope, who had accumulated 30 years of industry experience prior to its inception.

In 2008, his daughter, Gemma Clarke, entered the fold, contributing to its expansion, ultimately transforming it into the UK’s leading organic seed producer. In a significant development, Gemma acquired the majority stake from Trevor in 2021.
“By working as a community we can do more than working alone.”
Gemma Clarke

Supporting others in need

We are privileged to support local children in accessing sport and we donate to a local charity set up by our MD, Gemma Clarke, called Lutso (Levelling Up Through Sporting Opportunities), to give children the opportunity to play the sport they love through funding.
We also help farmers whose feed or bedding supply has been disrupted by extreme weather by supporting the farming charity, Forage Aid, who source and distribute feed and bedding with donations from the farming community.
“At Cope, we're investing in a sustainable future for farmers.”
Gemma Clarke


We work with world-leading UK and EU plant breeders to increase genetic gain, by developing climate adapted, low input, healthy, high-yielding crop varieties.

We reinvest 25% of our earnings into research, development, and trials, ensuring continuous progress.

“It's on each business to act today for the good of tomorrow”
Gemma Clarke

Carbon neutral status

Acquiring a 12-month accreditation from Carbon Neutral Britain, Cope is committed to reducing emissions and has achieved carbon neutrality.

Thousand Grain Weight Calculator

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