Meet The Team

Innovation is in our roots. For generations we have worked in the seed industry and it’s in our very nature to be original and forward thinking in our approach.

Our expert team is approachable and highly experienced in the agricultural industry and prides itself on excellent customer service. Company directors, father and daughter, Trevor Cope and Gemma Clarke, ensure that the strong thread of heritage and integrity is at the heart of the business.

The key to the success of Cope Seeds is our strong values, which include promoting lasting relationships with world-leading plant breeders and key suppliers, building robust and sustainable markets and varietal opportunities and investing in research and development in order to be at the forefront of seed market progression.

People make places and each one of our team brings expertise and real enthusiasm for high quality seed and grain.

Gemma Clarke

Our local community: donating funds to local sports clubs

Our Local Community

We are big believers that success needs to be shared and success that isn’t shared is a failure. Every year, we donate around £5000 to local sports clubs including: Sleaford Cricket Club, Sleaford Football Club, Heckington Football Club, Sleaford Netball Club, Sleaford Bowls Club and Lincolnshire County Bowls.

We also make yearly donations to The White Heather Club, a local organisation that is a lifeline to many elderly people in the area. The club arranges meetings and social events twice a month to ensure its 40 members aged 70-90 have companionship and a support network. We donate each year for the annual Christmas dinner and we also arrange a tea party and crafts session in the summer.

By working as a community we can do more than working alone.

Gemma Clarke

Global community: Trading internationally with Amigos

Our Global Community

To reflect our company expanding its trade globally, we have joined forces with Amigos. Amigos is a charity which supports Ugandans to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Their approach to ending poverty is special. A powerful mix of education, vocational training, practical farming and emotional support is changing the future for thousands of Ugandan families

Amigos vision is for a confident and thriving rural Uganda where no one goes to bed hungry. Their mission is to give families the hope and the means to live off their own land and set up small businesses to revolutionise their futures.

Farming skills were lost due to HIV and the war, and today families are struggling to grow enough to survive. Amigos believe they have part of the solution conservation farming a climate-friendly technique which results in crop yields four times greater than traditional methods. We are proud to have donated £3000 from our organic seed sales towards this charity and look forward to supporting the charity further this forthcoming season.

We’re so grateful for the support from Cope Seeds. Their sponsorship ensures marginalised young people can lift their households out of poverty.

Phil Pugsley, Amigos

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