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Convoitise Winter Spelt

High untreated yields and specific weight for bread making and livestock rations

We’re excited to be introducing our new winter spelt variety Convoitise, bred by French breeder Lemaire. After trialling Convoitise for the first-time last year, we were initially impressed by its standing ability.

Once the sample had been analysed, we found that Convoitise naturally dehulled to a greater extent than Zollernspelz. Through comparing the trials result as seen below to Zollernspelz, we believed and still do that Convoitise will be the spelt variety of choice.

Adapted to organic and low-input farming

Spelt is enjoying a revival in popularity in artisan breads and cereals and is increasingly employed as a component in livestock rations.

Convoitise winter spelt is suitable for conventional and organic farmers. The variety naturally has a low input requirement and a strong disease profile with good resistance to Septoria tritici, yellow rust and mildew.

It has good protein content, a high specific weight and is average to tall in height.

We are extremely excited about bringing Convoitise to the market due to its potential to perform on farm and in the mill. Seed stocks are limited so please get in touch early if you would like to give it a try.

Key Convoitise attributes

  • High untreated yields
  • High specific weight
  • Bread making quality
  • Increasingly used in livestock rations

Trials data

Powdery mildew
Specific weight

Growing advice

  • Due to the tillering capacity of Convoitise it’s advised that 110-120 plants per m2 is aimed for 
  • Winter spelt should be treated as the same as winter wheat in the terms of seedbed preparation and drilling period of October-November. Convoitise originates from Schwabenkorn x Schwabenspelz. 
  • The variety suits all soil types regardless of fertility, but we do advise spelt is best placed on your less fertile ground due to its height 
  • Convoitise has a good all-round disease resistance package along with superior grain quality

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