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Evelina Spring Barley

The versatile, low input spring barley variety

Evelina is now becoming the go-to feed variety, proving itself over the past 6 years to be reliable and consistent. It’s easy to manage, with low inputs and provides high grain and straw yields. This variety is prevalent with livestock farmers looking for a robust versatile crop, however, it’s also a popular variety for arable farmers, due to its strong yields, high feed quality and ability to suppress weeds.

The variety’s outstanding disease resistance and early maturation allows for risk mitigation. Bred by Austrian plant breeder Edelhoff, on-farm performance suggests that Evelina is on par or even in some situations out-performing market leading varieties.

Strong untreated and treated grain yields

Evelina is a tall variety, has very good resistance to brackling along with an excellent tolerance to the main diseases. The growth rate and establishment of Evelina is quicker than other varieties, making it especially competitive to any weed contamination and suitable for late spring sowing should conditions dictate.

Evelina is the tallest spring barley within our portfolio and most probably the tallest barley commercially available and is more akin to the popular varieties from the past such as Hart and Dandy.

KWS Irina
Crop height (cm)
Specific weight (kh/gl)
Maturity (1-9)

Agrii Spring Barley Trials

“Overall it’s an easy to grow and a tidy feed variety to go into ration mixes. It combines well and produces a good-looking grain with a decent specific weight as well as a good straw crop.”
Richard Monk, Hampshire Evelina farmer

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