Cope Seeds & Grain is a leading supplier of pulses, from spring beans to winter beans and peas. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on Britain’s dependence on imported organic proteins. As China and India closed their doors, there was a short time where the UK was struggling to find the protein it needed for its feed rations. Due to climatic issues, the UK does struggle to grow certain protein crops, but one protein it can grow and grow well is beans. 

As the need for homegrown proteins is only increasing, we must increase our seed area to meet this demand. We have UK and European demand for our organic seed and as we are one of only a couple of countries who grow winter beans it is a great opportunity to be involved in a supply chain where the demand exists. If you are interested in growing winter beans on a seed contract where you can earn a premium over organic feed bean price, please get in touch

spring beans


See our full range of organic and conventional spring and winter bean varieties, to suit UK and European climates.

Flamingo Pink Peas in heart shape


We stock a range of organic and conventional pea varieties, very much suited to our climate and suitable for premium markets.