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Elias Winter Rye

A high yielding and early maturing rye variety

Elias winter rye is a high yielding, early maturing population winter rye. It’s a ‘dual-purpose’ exclusive variety that’s suitable for both feeding and milling. Performing well in official trials, it was found to be the top yielding variety, outperforming Amilo, Conduct and Duckato.

An exclusive, ‘dual-purpose’ variety with good Ergot resistance

This variety shows very good resistance to Ergot which makes it an excellent choice for the production of rye flour. Elias has excellent early plant growth which makes it also highly suited as both a cover crop and for biomass.

Why grow rye

Rye can be drilled across a wide window while still being early to mature. It is particularly good at tillering and drilling can begin from early September through to the end of autumn. It’s recommended that seed rates are increased when drilling after the middle of October.

It has a vigorous growth habit, out-competing weeds from the start. Like triticale it is an excellent crop for drought prone, light land, where its long rooting system is ideal for scavenging for water and nutrients.

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