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Elego Winter Rye

The ideal forage or cover crop rye variety

Rye can be drilled across a wide window while still being early to mature. It is particularly good at tillering and drilling can begin from early September through to the end of autumn. It’s recommended that seed rates are increased when drilling after the middle of October. It has a vigorous growth habit, out-competing weeds from the start. Like triticale it is an excellent crop for drought prone, light land, where its long rooting system is ideal for scavenging for water and nutrients.

Elego is becoming increasing popular with both with growers and millers. Elego is a population winter rye variety bred by Austrian plant breeder Edeloff, one of the countries most established rye breeders.

An excellent choice for light, drought-prone land

Elego is an early to medium maturing dual-purpose rye with a high untreated yield potential and an excellent disease resistance profile. The variety is tolerant of poor harvest conditions and its stable hagberg make it ideal for milling.

As a tall variety, it has the ability to outcompete weeds which also makes it highly suited as a cover crop, either sown on its own or as a mixture with vetches. Elego also makes an idea forage crop with the ability to be grazed later in the autumn and earlier in the spring than most grass leys.

Key Elego attributes

  • High untreated yield potential
  • Good disease resistance
  • Early-medium maturity
  • Competitive to weeds
  • Dual purpose – feeding and milling
“Elego is doing a great job this season of smothering out weeds. Again, we grazed the crop quite hard with sheep and it bounced back well. Again, this rye went to both a local miller and a local dairy farmer who is still seeing the benefits of feeding rye.”
Mike Stringer, arable farmer, Yorkshire

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