Cereal Seeds

Our customers work with us because we supply a wide range of carefully selected combinable crop species and varieties which have been bred by world-leading plant scientists and extensively field-tested. We sell a wide variety of conventional wheat, barley, oats, beans and triticale including spring beans, spring barley and spring wheat.

We only multiply seed varieties with careful consideration for regional suitability, rotation, market outlets, perceived shortfalls and supply, meaning our customers have the most advanced, vigorous and marketable product available.

Due to our strong relationships with UK and European plant breeders, we have access to leading established varieties but also new variety releases which can be issued on semi-exclusive, or even exclusive arrangements. To date, we have successfully commercialised a number of varieties including Atego, Rozmar and Vok Spring Oats, Sokrates, Magister and Nelson Winter Wheat, Amaretto Spring Wheat, Armada & Evelina Spring Barley and Securo and Somtri Triticale and we are continually trialling new material each year in both AHDB Recommended List and independent trials.