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Organic Seeds

We’re proud to be the leading supplier in the UK of organic seeds, including both cereal and pulse seeds. We not only have an extensive range of winter and spring cereals and pulses, our collection includes grass, roots, forage, arable silage and small seeds.

Our team are experts in organic seeds and organic combinable crops, and we have strong relationships with world-class UK and European plant breeders. This means we can supply established seed varieties, as well as bringing new pioneering varieties to the market place, on semi-exclusive and sometimes exclusive arrangements.

We have fully certified organic land in Lincolnshire, where we conduct comprehensive field trials. This means we can guarantee competitive and organically suited seed varieties which have been extensively tested for a minimum of two years. We believe it’s important to grow our seed crops as close to the seed plants as possible and our industry-leading portfolio is supported by unrivalled passion and expertise.

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