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We’re proud to be the leading supplier in the UK of organic seeds, including both cereal and pulse seeds. We not only have an extensive range of winter and spring cereals and pulses, our collection includes grass, roots, forage, arable silage and small seeds.

Our team are experts in organic seeds and organic combinable crops, and we have strong relationships with world-class UK and European plant breeders. This means we can supply established seed varieties, as well as bringing new pioneering varieties to the market place, on semi-exclusive and sometimes exclusive arrangements.

The UK’s leading supplier of organic seed

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Arable Silage Mixtures

Arable Silage Mixtures

Arable Silage mixtures can provide valuable amounts of high protein forage for livestock farmers as well as leaving residual nitrogen for following crops. The crop, once ensiled can provide excellent winter feed rations for dairy, beef and sheep.

Arable Silage can produce excellent yields from a short growing period of approximately 13 –16 weeks with the silage combining high intake potential that can be used as part of a mixed forage diet. The pea content of these mixtures can also help increase the protein content.

Arable silage mixtures can be under sown with a new grass ley to further maximise land use. Arable Silage Mixtures are sown late March to Mid April with a seeding rate of 75 – 85 kilos per acre if sown on their own or 50-60 kilos per acre if undersown with a grass crop. The resultant crop can be baled or clamped and should produce around 12-15 tonnes fresh weight per acre with a typical analysis of:

Dry matter 30- 40%
ME 9- 11MJ/kg
Crude Protein 9- 11%

Cope Seeds offer 3 standard mixtures which normally available for immediate dispatch:-

Mixture CSO1 (70% Organic)

60% Spring Barley
40% Spring Peas

Our most popular Organic Arable Silage mixture, CSO1 produces a good balance of yield, starch and protein together with the ability to be undersown with a grass mixture.

Suggested sowing rate – 75 kilos per acre (185 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 50 kilos per acre (125 kilos per hectare) if undersown with a grass mixture

Mixture CSO2 (70% Organic)

40% Spring Barley
60% Spring Peas

This mixture will be slightly lower yielding than CSO1 but with a higher protein content.
Suggested sowing rate 80-85 kilos per acre (200 – 210 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 60-65 kilos per acre (150-160 kilos per hectare) if undersown.

Both the above mixtures are available with Spring Oats instead of Spring Barley

Mixture CSO3 (70% Organic)

40% Spring Barley
30% Spring Oats
30% Spring Peas

A traditional Arable Silage mixture, including Oats as well as Barley and Peas. Oats can do better than Barley in less favourable conditions or areas of higher rainfall.

Suggested sowing rate – 75 kilos per acre (185 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 50 kilos per acre (125 kilos per hectare) if undersown with a grass mixture.

Special Mixtures

Although we have the above mixtures readily available, we are more than happy to quote for any special arable silage mixture that you would like to plant. Mixtures CSO1 and CSO2 for instance can also be mixed to order using oats rather than barley if required. Vetches are also available for inclusion if required. Non-Organic mixtures are also available on request.

Please contact Simon on 01529 421081 or simon@copeseeds.co.uk for price and availability

Organic Grass Mixtures

For our full range of organic grass mixtures, visit our grass seed page.

We have fully certified organic land in Lincolnshire, where we conduct comprehensive field trials. This means we can guarantee competitive and organically suited seed varieties which have been extensively tested for a minimum of two years. We believe it’s important to grow our seed crops as close to the seed plants as possible and our industry-leading portfolio is supported by unrivalled passion and expertise.

Download our organic grass seed mixtures Autumn 2020 brochure HERE.