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Somtri Spring Triticale

High yielding and protein-rich variety that thrives in dry conditions

Somtri spring triticale is a low input variety with high grain yields. Suitable for drought-prone land, its impressive root structure allows access to nutrients and water deep within the soil profile, meaning its more tolerant to stress.

Somtri is a tall variety with good standing ability and excellent resistance to lodging. It has high resistance to fusarium and ergot and is suitable for fodder, or whole cropping for AD. It is incredibly versatile and can be drilled from November right through to April/March time.

Key Somtri attributes

  • Produces high grain yields
  • Low input variety
  • Suitable for drought-prone land
  • High resistance to fusarium and ergot
  • Tall variety, suitable for fodder or whole cropping for AD
“We decided to plant more Triticale, which totalled 121 hectares and we haven’t looked back. With the hotter summers we seem to be having, the triticale performs well, and seems to like the dry weather. It’s a crop we will always grow on dry land.”
David Irvine, Wiltshire mixed farmer

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