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Spelt is an ancient grain, enjoying a revival for artisan foods and livestock rations

Spelt is an ancient grain which has been around for 7,000 years and harvested for food for over 2,500 years. Its profile has changed very little over this time. The crop is enjoying a revival in popularity in artisan food and is increasingly employed as a component in livestock rations.

There is a growing demand for organic and conventional spelt, as it finds a new market as a health food, gaining widespread popularity as a wheat substitute for making artisan breads, pasta and cereals.

Organic Spelt Seed is available in 500kg bags
Spelt Grain (De-hulled) is available in 25kg and 500kg bags

Buy back contracts available

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Spring Spelt


Wirtas Spring Spelt

This variety offers good yields in low input situations, possessing exceptional milling quality and high protein content. Good disease resistance and nutritional benefits.

Winter Spelt

Convoitise Winter Spelt

Convoitise Winter Spelt

Suitable for conventional and organic farmers, this naturally low-input variety has good protein content and a strong disease resistance to Septoria, yellow rust and mildew.


Fridemar Winter Spelt

Fridemar is a winter Spelt from Germany with high yields and excellent quality.

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