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Organic Feed Straights & Ingredients

At Cope Seeds & Grain, we can offer multiple organic feed straights and ingredients. To find out more, get in touch.

The list below is not exhaustive so please do enquire if you require a particular product and we will endeavour to provide it. Products can be delivered in bulk or big bags/IBCs.

Our range of organic feed straights

Organic Wheat

Organic wheat is used by UK feed homes or farmers to produce organic feed where domestic supply is short.

Organic High Protein/Milling Wheat

UK Mills like to combine with UK grown milling wheat to improve the bread quality.

Organic Barley

Organic barley is used by UK feed homes, distilleries/breweries and farmers to produce animal feed or alcoholic beverages.

Organic Maize

Organic maize is a natural, gluten free flour produced from maize has a market within the UK, poultry feed is also a market option.

Organic Sunflower Expeller

Due to the high protein content, organic sunflower expeller produced from hulled seeds is a valuable feedstuff for a multitude of animals.

Organic Rape Expeller

The organic rape expeller is used to produce a cake which is then fed to animals due to being high in protein.

Organic Rice Protein Concentrate

Organic rice protein concentrate can be used as an ingredient for human consumption, as well as a feed stuff. It is considered to be an alternative to soy and whey.

Organic Peas

Organic field peas are mostly used in animal feeds, where they are either rolled or fed whole to cattle and sheep.

Non-GMO Maize Gluten Meal

Maize gluten meal is a good source of protein with a reasonable level of digestibility, meaning it suits most ruminant rations.

Organic HO Sunflower Oil

Organic sunflower oil that is high oleic is used in organic food manufacturing.

Organic Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

Organic sugar beet pulp pellets are commonly used as an additive to increase the sugars within a cattle feed ration.

Maize Gluten Meal

Maize gluten meal is a byproduct of the production of maize starch, the meal is high in protein with approximately 65% crude protein. It is an excellent source of protein, as well as energy and pigments which are useful nutrients to livestock species.

Organic Hay Pellets

Organic hay pellets produce hay which is a good palatable feedstuff for ruminant animals and horses. Nutritional value differs depending on the species utilised to produce the hay.

Organic Lucerne Pellets

Organic lucerne pellets can be used as a feed addition to hay, silage and grazing – suitable for ruminant animals and horses. They are high in fibre with good quality protein, accompanied by numerous other important nutrients.

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