Excellent variety of conventional and organic triticale available

Triticale is a hybrid cross between wheat and rye, combining the yield potential and grain quality of wheat with the disease and environmental tolerance of rye.

Rising in popularity with livestock farmers, the crop is mostly grown for fodder and is ‘dual-purpose’ on account of its height, producing good grain and straw yields. It has a large rooting system so is able to source nutrients deeper within the soil, which means it’s suitable for drought-prone and less fertile marginal land.

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A tall crop with good straw yields and nutritional benefits

The crop tends to be tall and offers good straw yields and it’s a nutritionally superior option for farm feeding, due to having a higher lysine content than most other grains. Triticale is also less likely to be grazed by rabbits over winter, so is useful in fields close to woodlands.

Cope Seeds and Grain has a strong portfolio of leading triticale varieties which are available organically and conventionally. Conventional varieties are low-input, which is a reason many farmers include it in rotations, due to its ability to deliver positive environmental and cost outcomes.



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Puzon is a high achiever in field trials with the highest yield across all three sites, a low powdery mildew score and a high specific weight. Puzon is a new spring triticale variety with good yield potential.

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Somtri spring triticale is an established German triticale which has been grown in the UK for over 10 years. It produces high grain yields and is a consistent performer, in both treated and untreated conditions.


Triticale Senova



Senova Kasyno



Kasyno is the highest yielding variety on the recommended list. It features a short straw, fantastic yellow rust scores, early maturing, and a high specific weight. This makes Kasyno suitable for a wide range of soil types.

KWS Fido Triticale Senova

KWS Fido


Fido is the UK’s leading triticale variety, producing high yields, in both straw and grain. This is due to its height but it remains up right as the straw is stiff. Grain quality is good with specific weight really standing out (76.6kg/hl).