Cow grazing field of grass

The high cost of not reseeding

The UK has over 17 million hectares of managed grassland, yet much of it is poorly utilised. Leys that are not in good condition and are overrun with weed grasses that have little or no nutritional value can have a major impact on milk and...

Sheep grazing in field

New regenerative grass seed Estate Range launched

We've launched a new regenerative ‘Estate Range’ of grass seed! Launched to complement integrated farming systems, the range will enable landowners to reduce input expenditure, provide nutritious grazing for cattle and sheep, and improve soil health – a top priority for UK farms.  The range of premium...

Grass seed falling from a hand

Grass seed shortages: Order early for strongest varieties

Grass seed shortages are predicted this autumn on top varieties due to the unprecedented drought seen in 2018 across the UK and Europe. “Any shortfall from the 2018 harvest will continue until new seed is available in spring,” says Simon Travers, grass and small seeds manager...