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Sustainability drive boosts premiums for ‘low vicine’ UK grown spring beans

Demand for UK-grown spring beans is increasing, due to a sustainability drive to reduce the amount of imported soya in feed rations, meaning attractive premiums are available for farmers.

Victus is a new spring bean variety launched to the organic market by seed and grain specialist, Cope Seeds and Grain. They are distinguished by low vicine/convicine and high protein content, which means that, when included in feed rations, the mix can include approximately 30% less soya.

A new buy-back opportunity offering a premium is now available for Victus, supplied by the firm, which is launching a contract to exclusively supply the largest organic feed mill in the UK, Hi Peak Organic Feeds.

Victus organic spring beans

“Sustainability is critical to our business, as we strive for positive environmental impact. The opportunity to not only source more UK grown raw materials, but to source beans which will reduce soya imports is vital,” says Peter Griffin from Hi Peak Organic Feeds.

Gemma Clarke, Cope Seeds and Grain director is confident that the new variety has a promising future. “There are big concerns over the use of imported soya and we have worked hard with plant breeders to bring this outstanding variety to the organic market.

“Our mission is not only to bring standout varieties to organic farmers, it’s also to grow sustainable end-markets that offer farmers premium earning opportunities,” adds Gemma.