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Merlin oats

Merlin spring oat contends with market leaders

Merlin spring oat, added to the Recommended List in 2021, is performing well in the field and it’s looking increasingly attractive to millers.

Crucially, it has a leg up over market leaders because it can be grown throughout the UK, even the wetter areas, due to its early ripening.

Brin Hughes, agronomy manager at Bedfordshire-based Richardson Milling, said:

“We’re pleased with Merlin’s performance in trials this year and it seems that Isabel and Merlin are front-runners in terms of spring varieties.

“Trials in Suffolk, Hampshire and Kent showed that the earlier Merlin is drilled, the better the resulting yield and bushel weight. When drilled in February/early March, the yield figures started at 6t/ha in Suffolk, 8t/ha in Hampshire, and 9t/ha on the fertile Kent site, with bushel weight at over 50 kilos for each trial, and screenings at around 3%. It also had very good standing ability consistently.

“If more Merlin is grown and it meets specification, we are more than happy to take it in the mill,” adds Brin.

Stirling-based mixed farmer, Ronald Dick, grows Merlin for seed and says it’s performing well in the field:

“We’ve grown Merlin for the last two years; it’s been our highest-yielding oat at well over 7.5t/ha.

It’s early to ripen, clean, it has good straw strength, and has a very good quality. I’ve got nothing bad to say about it,” he says.

Agrii is backing the variety and David Leaper, seed technical specialist, says Merlin has performed well in this year’s trials.

“Merlin has held its own this year in treated and untreated trials. Essentially its consistent, high yielding, good quality, with early maturity and has strong disease resistance.”

Relatively new to the Recommended List and delivering an unrivalled combination of yield, quality and disease resistance, Merlin spring oat is an ‘all-rounder’ for both miller and farmer.

Merlin produces high yielding, high quality oats when grown either conventionally or organically. It has the lowest screening losses of any spring oat variety, outstanding disease resistance, including an 8 for mildew, and is early to mature.

Skye Van Heyzen, product manager at Agrii, says Merlin has always looked great in the field:

“It performs as well as the other market leading varieties and that’s why we back it.

“What sets it apart is the early ripening, and ability to still produce good yields and specification, which makes it suitable for many regions in the UK.

”Farmers are looking for a variety that’s consistent in the field, they want an oat they can easily manage, and this is where Merlin excels,” adds Skye.

You can learn more about Merlin Spring Oats here.