Merlin spring oat

Merlin Spring Oat

An exciting new exclusive variety, Merlin spring oat is a high performing spring oat that boasts a high yield potential for both treated and untreated crops. It is a tall variety with excellent standing ability that offers a specific weight above the 50kg/hl milling oat requirement. 

When compared with other varieties other than controls in official UK and Scottish trials, Merlin was the highest yielding from 33 varieties. 

Giving growers flexibility and millers confidence  

In official UK NL1 trials, Merlin was one of the earliest varieties to ripen. Merlin possesses the best mildew resistance when compared to any other varieties available. It offers the best all round package, giving growers the flexibility they need with an ever-reducing armoury of chemicals while retaining the miller’s confidence in quality.

Merlin Canyon Aspen
Treated Yield 107 101 101
Untreated Yield 116.8 111.9 93.5
Lodging 8 7 7
Mildew 9 8 5
Specific Weight 51.1 51.9 52.1
Kernel Content 72.6 71.5 73.1
Total 364.5 351.3 331.7

Merlin spring oat – official national trials UK and Scotland

Gemma Clarke from Cope Seeds in a field of Merlin crop

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Gemma and Richard in Merlin crop