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Field of Convoitise winter spelt|Taylor Moore in a field of Convoitise winter spelt

New winter spelt variety delivers high untreated yields

Convoitise is a new standout winter spelt variety that delivers high untreated yields, high specific weights and milling quality.

Seed will be available next autumn and interest in the variety is already unprecedented.

Spelt is enjoying a revival in popularity in artisan breads and cereals and is increasingly employed as a component in livestock rations. An ancient grain and a distant cousin of wheat, which has been around for 7,000 years and harvested for food for over 2,500 years, its profile has changed very little over this time.

Convoitise has a good disease profile, with decent resistance to Septoria tritici, yellow rust and mildew. The variety also has good protein content and a high specific weight.