Taylor Moore - Assistant variety rep at Cope Seeds & Grain

Assistant variety rep passes BASIS seed sellers certificate

Congratulations to Taylor Moore!

Our assistant variety representative, Taylor Moore has passed the BASIS seed sellers certificate.

This means he is now in a position to give seed recommendations to growers this autumn. “The course was taught over two days in February and it focused mainly on cereals, OSR, and pulses, as well as sugar beet. It means I can understand seed quality, purity, and seed certification scheme in relation to the agronomy of combinable, root or vegetable crops”.

“It also teaches participants to identify pest, weeds, and diseases of major crops, and evaluate appropriate options for their control and to review relevant legislation concerning treated seed”.

“Lastly, some of the course focuses on biodiversity and environmental aspects on-farm concerning seed treatments,” adds Taylor.  

Taylor Moore is now a full-time member of the Cope Seeds team after completing his extended placement in Summer 2019. Read more from Taylor’s diary here.