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Mark Glanville's daughter in Evelina|Mark Glanville Farmer|David James Smith Evelina grower|Mark Glanville|David Smith

Spring barley boasts exceptional grain quality for own use

A consistent performer boasting high quality grain, an early harvest, tall straw and strong disease resistance, Evelina is proving itself repeatedly with mixed farmers.

Available at Alexander Harley Seeds in Scotland and Mole Valley Farmers, Evelina’s superb disease resistance makes it a versatile variety suitable for growing in all regions in the UK.

“This alongside competitive grain yields, tall straw and high specific weights, makes it a very useful spring cropping
option,” explains James Henderson, arable trader at Mole Valley Farmers.

“Evelina has been widely grown by our farmers for a number of years now, successfully achieving high yields of grain and straw across various seasons, having applied the correct use of bagged fertiliser and a full spray programme for weed and disease control.

“Evelina is quick to establish and is early mature and has excellent disease resistance. It produces a nice bold grain ideal for home grown feed and with its extra straw length providing plenty of straw for bedding. Evelina continues to prove a popular and beneficial variety with livestock farmers,” adds James.

South Somerset mixed farmer has seen fantastic grain quality with Evelina spring barley.

Mark Glanville farms 235 milking cows and 120 beef cattle over 242 hectares in Chard and grows Evelina spring barley for feed.

“We combine and crimp it, harvesting at 28% moisture,” says Mark. “We grew it for the first time last year and we are growing it again.”

“The grain quality is exceptional, and that was despite the drought we had last year,” he explains.

Mark says that Evelina suits him because it has an early harvest and tall straw. “The early harvest suits us, and we bed down the livestock on the straw, which is stiff with good standing.

“The strong disease resistance profile is also a huge benefit, and we had a really clean grain sample last year,” adds Mark.

And seeing similar benefits on a mixed farm enterprise, is Scottish farmer, David James Smith, who is based in Angus.

“Evelina is not too late, it’s good quality and is always clean. We grow on average 40 acres a year. David has 85 suckler cows and followers and 300 sheep and sells Evelina through Cope Seeds and Grain.

“The early harvest is beneficial to us up in Scotland and it has no disease issues. We will be growing it again this year, and have done for the last 5 years,” adds David.

Gemma Clarke of seed suppliers Cope Seeds and Grain supports the grower’s comments on Evelina. “In UK trials, Evelina showed outstanding disease resistance with no weaknesses, the grains produced high specific weights and had low screenings. It has quick establishment and is early to mature and the straw was visibly taller than other varieties”.

To book your Evelina or for more information about spring cereal seed, please call the Mole Valley seed line on 01769 576232, or in Scotland, contact Alexander Harley Seeds on 01577 862586.