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Grass overseeding

Expert advice: Reasons to overseed

The benefits of overseeding by George Mallender

Our grass and small seeds specialist George Mallender outlines the many environmental and yield benefits to overseeding in his latest update:

“Forage production is expensive. It is well known that just 1 year after a reseed, weed species can make up 20% of a sward, after four years this can have more than doubled and after eight years, weed species will begin to dominate. As a result of this dry matter yields will suffer, an 8-year-old ley will yield approximately 5 to 6 T of dry matter per hectare against a new ley yielding about 15T of dry matter per Hectare.

Can you afford not to overseed and gain valuable dry matter for grazing or conserving?

Total reseeding is costly, and not always easy to fit into your rotation. An alternative is to overseed, which will bring your swards back into maximum production by overseeding.

Overseeder is a combination of Ryegrasses and White Clover.

Variety details:

Short term overseeder

Long term overseeder

Organic overseeder (70% overseeder)

This will:

  • Increase the proportion of Ryegrasses in your sward;
  • Improve the quality of the grass available to your livestock and therefore increase
    their performance;
  • Improves nutrient efficiency;
  • Repairs damage to swards caused by poaching;
  • Varieties have been chosen because of their aggressive nature to establish in an
    existing sward but are easily managed.

To learn more please get in touch with George directly, by emailing