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Field of Evelina spring barley

Evelina: The trusted spring barley

Evelina spring barley is being more readily grown by UK farmers looking for a feed variety with a high disease resistance profile, an early harvest, and ample straw.

Yorkshire grower, Mike Stringer, has been growing Evelina on a seed contract for the last four years:

“Evelina suits us perfectly, because it gives us an early harvest and plenty of straw. We are a mixed farm and use the straw for cattle bedding. Yields are reliable and Evelina’s disease profile really stands out. It’s a tall variety and establishes very well – meaning it competes with the weeds immediately. We grow it at 800 ft above sea level, and it’s a strong performer. The early harvest also means we can put in a cover crop after it.”

Evelina is exclusively supplied by Mole Valley Farmers. Arable trader, James Henderson, explains that it’s a reliable variety for the mixed farmer:

“Since its introduction in 2016, Evelina has performed exceptionally well across a range of farms. It continues to prove popular with livestock farmers growing it for its bold grain and high straw yields. Evelina’s superb disease resistance makes it a versatile variety suitable for growing in all regions across the UK. This, alongside competitive grain yields, tall straw and high specific weights, makes it a useful variety. We continue to recommend using our exclusive variety Evelina, especially if you are wanting a variety with equally good grain and straw yields.”

Our managing director, Gemma Clarke, brought the variety over to trial in the UK and found that it performed well compared with current varieties:

“In UK trials, Evelina showed outstanding disease resistance with no weaknesses, the grains produced high specific weights and had low screenings. It has quick establishment and is early to mature and the straw  was visibly taller than other varieties.”

For more information about spring cereal seed or to order Evelina, please contact James Henderson at Mole Valley Farmers on 01769 576232.