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Cope Seeds & Grain team in a field of Delfin spring oats|Cope Seeds & Grain staff in a field of Delfin spring oats

Delfin spring oats: A step change in untreated yield potential

Introducing our organic exclusivity of Delfin spring oats

Cope Seeds is proud to announce the organic exclusivity of Delfin spring oats. Bred by Saaten Union and managed by Elsoms, Delfin was added to the AHDB Recommended List last year. However due to short supply of stock seed it is only until this spring we are able to bring you C2 Organic seed.

Delfin currently sits top of the list for treated and untreated yield. Looking at this year’s trial data which will create the new AHDB Recommended List 2020-2021, we don’t expect this to change as it has again performed very well in both treated and untreated trials across all the major trial sites.

Delfin spring oats are a tall variety with good standing which will help smother the competition by creating a full canopy. It has the highest resistance to Mildew, scoring a 9, making it the right choice when mildew is a regular problem.

Delfin is a variety accepted by the millers, as long as the specification meets their requirements of minimum 50kg/hl specific weight, maximum 15% moisture, maximum 6% screenings and maximum 2% admixture.

While supply of Organic Delfin spring oat seed is good, we always advise ordering early to avoid disappointment as we predict this will be the most asked for variety of our portfolio.