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Naked Oats

Cope Seeds is the leading UK supplier of naked oats from arguably the best breeder in the world. We supply a range of varieties to suit different farm rotations and land types, and can offer contracts with high premiums for growing markets.

Naked oats thresh free from the husk naturally during harvest, unlike conventional oats. They provide a long stale seedbed which can help with blackgrass management and can make for a good break crop, and have a higher protein content than conventional varieties, with a high oil content making them an energy rich product.

The UK’s leading supplier of naked oats

Naked oats have a variety of uses as a whole grain, including animal feeds, flaking and malting. They have recently been re-established as a big player in the market following a revival in their popularity, and their versatility stretches to dog food, cosmetics, horses, poultry and wild bird food.

Seed will be available for spring, but orders must be placed early to avoid disappointment as supply is limited.

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WANTED: Growers of Naked Oats

PREMIUM: £35 – £45 p/t over AHDB Feed Wheat
(Subject to meeting contract specification)

Excellent buyback contracts are available to anyone purchasing Oliver and Patrick Naked Oats. Minimum value of £30 per tonne over Feed Wheat. If you would like to know more about our Naked Oat Buy Back Contract, please email info@copeseeds.co.uk.

Cope Seeds Naked Oats

Naked Oats Varieties


Matures slightly earlier than Saul, with good height accompanied by increased resistance to lodging. Very high natural specific weight potential and an extremely low husked grain content by percentage.

Marco Polo

The newest of all the varieties, it’s early to ripen and short in height with very good resistance to lodging. It has an excellent disease resistance package and is consistent and high yielding. It possesses the ability to achieve very high specific weights and low content of husked grains.


A variety that is later to mature and is shorter in height, with a good all round resistance to lodging and disease. Possesses a bold grain and a high specific weight.


A later maturing and shorter variety with good resistance to lodging and an excellent disease resistance package while retaining grain quality. Patrik is an extremely competitive variety and has a growth habit that would suit low intensity farming. To avoid quality loss (eg: rancidity), they need drying immediately after harvest to at least 14% moisture content, or 12% for long-term storage. Patrik is highly sought after by the pig, poultry and horse feed industry and we can offer excellent buy back contracts are available to farmers.

Click here for the Patrik factsheet


Early to ripen and shorter in height, excellent resistance to lodging as well As a good all-rounder regarding disease. Santini is capable of achieving high yields and specific weights with the addition of very low content of husked grains.


Later to mature allowing for staggered harvest, with a good crop height to help out compete weeds such a blackgrass. Presents the opportunity to achieve a high specific weight due to its high natural potential.

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