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Organic 'Beetleblocker' OSR

NEW VARIETY: ‘Beetleblocker’ Oilseed Rape

70% reduction in fleabeetle

We are looking for four farms to each produce a 29t truck of ‘Beetleblocker’ winter OSR on a buy-back contract with Cope Seeds and Grain.

Seed will cost £80 per pack for untreated RGT Beetleblocker (therefore a derogation will be needed). Each pack drills 1ha.

The price for the harvested crop is £630 per tonne ex farm and will be moved by December and Based on 1.3t/ha. We would be looking for areas of approximately 22ha.

RGT Beetleblocker is an OSR variety which has Blackmillion mixed with Fenugreek to deter fleabeetle, and Berseem Clover to help fix nitrogen and suppress weeds. The seeds come in 1ha packs and can be drilled together.

The breeder claims a 70% reduction in the fleabeetle when sown with Fenugreek.  Click here for the factsheet.

It has been apparent for a number of years but never more so than now, that the UK doesn’t produce enough home protein organically.

At Cope Seeds, we’ve been working hard to find alternatives for organic growers and after a meeting with a UK breeder, we are able to offer this organic oilseed rape contract opportunity based on their new RGT Beetleblocker OSR and companion crop mixture.

The ideal drilling window is early-mid August.

We understand the issues surrounding oilseed rape conventionally which is why the area has shrunk to half of what it used to be but this method of companion cropping looks extremely interesting and positive. This is very early days and is a risk which is why we would only be looking for 1 truck from 4 farms as we do not want a grower to take on all of the area.  

The potential in yield is variable but based on achieving 1.3t/ha the contract is competitive to winter beans. There is potential for the crop to yield much more than this, but equally we cannot ensure a guaranteed yield of 1.3t/ha either. We have managed to get an interest in this from the poultry market and if successful, it could help replace some of the organic rapeseed that is currently imported into the UK.

If you would like to express interest in this opportunity, please contact Gemma Clarke e: or Taylor Moore e: or call 01529 421081.