Forage Crops

Forage Crops


Cope Seeds are able to offer a comprehensive range of Forage crops including:-

Swede – varieties available for both for animal feeding and culinary use. Seed available both graded for precision drilling or ungraded for use with a conventional drill or broadcasting. Both treated and untreated seed available. Please check for availability of Organic Seed

Kale – short varieties available for forage and taller varieties available for game cover. Both treated and untreated seed available.

Turnips – Both quick growing Stubble Turnips and slower, more winter hardy Maincrop varieties available. Organic seed of Stubble Turnip will be available from 2012 crop (around July 2012).

Forage Rape – Quick growing and ideal for Autumn grazing. Both treated and untreated seed available. Please check for availability of organic seed.

Hybrid Forage Brassicas – Quicker growing than Kale but more winter hardy than Forage Rape, ideal for later sowing catch crops which are needed for winter feeding. Both treated and untreated seed available

Forage and Catch Crop mixtures are available including Kale/Stubble Turnip/Forage Rape mixtures for earlier sowing, Stubble Turnip/Forage Rape mixtures for late sowing & Autumn use or Stubble Turnip/Forage Rape/Hybrid Forage Brassica mixtures for late sowing and winter utilisation.



Please contact us for information on Environmental Stewardship mixtures including grass seed mixtures for margins, Nectar Flower mixtures and Wild Bird Cover mixtures. We are more than happy to discuss any individual requirement that you may have for either entry level or higher level schemes. Organic seed is available of many of the species suitable for stewardship use.

We also have available a wide range of UK native wild flowers sourced direct from experienced growers with full provenance details where required.