Wirtas Spring Spelt

 High gluten, protein and mineral content

Wirtas is the only spring spelt variety in Europe that we have come across. We have some stock seed available this year which will be placed on seed contract ensuring that for spring 2022 we have adequate volumes of seed available. If you are interested in growing this on a seed contract for us, please get in touch

Europe’s only spring spelt

The scientist behind Wirtas confirm that spring spelt, like spring wheat, has better quality than the commonly cultivated winter spelt and contains more gluten, protein and minerals such as iron, zinc and copper. The 2019 harvest results from the Organic Research Centre are promising where the crop was relatively disease free and mirrored similar results from previous Agrii trials. Like winter spelt, Wirtas is best grown on less fertile land to prevent possible lodging.

Key Wirtas attributes 

  • Exceptional milling quality
  • High protein content (14%+), hagberg and specific weight
  • Higher nutritional benefit vs winter varieties
  • Good all round disease resistance
  • Excellent characteristics gives farmers more flexibility
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Disease resistance

Mildew Brown Rust Leaves Septoria Ear Septoria Ear Fusarium Foot Diseases
8.1 6.9 6.7 7.9 8.4 8.2
High Medium Medium High High High

Results from breeder (Polish data)
1 = low resistance/ 9 = high resistance

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