Pexeso Spring Wheat

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Pexeso is a spring wheat which offers higher than normal levels of lutein. Lutein is beneficial to human eye health and helps prevent the onset of macular degeneration. It is through our testing of this variety in the UK and later at the University of Prague, we discovered that Pexeso, when fed in the ration to layers, creates not only an egg with a higher level of lutein but an egg with a stronger shell (5-8% stronger) and yellower yolk.

High in lutein for a stronger shell and yellower yolk

Cope Seeds has a buy back contract in place with a layers company on a trial basis this spring and are therefore looking for farmers who are interested in growing spring wheat for this emerging supply chain from harvest 2021. Please get in touch to discuss the premiums over conventional and organic feed wheat on offer for this variety.

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Trials data

Untreated yield (2018) Untreated yield (2017) Specific weight (kg/hl)
Pexeso 102.4 112.5 81.7
Mulika 96.2 100.3 79.7

Agrii Trials – Revesby, Lincolnshire

Untreated yield (2018) Untreated yield (2017) Specific weight (kg/hl)
Pexeso 91.8 99 75.9
Mulika 101.3 99.5 67.4

Agrii Trials – Throws, Essex

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