Autumn 2013 Oat Availability




Spring 2014 Oat Availability

ATEGO Spring Oats


ATEGO was added to the HGCA UK Recommended List in 2007. A Popular, early maturing variety with excellent standing ability. Good resistance to crown rust, but can be susceptible to mildew.

ROZMAR Spring Oats

ROZMAR is a new variety from the same breeder as ATEGO. Currently in 2nd year UK Official Trials, it has very high yield potential combined with early maturity and still straw with good resistance to Crown Rust.

SAUL Naked Oat

Saul is an interesting newcomer to the sector of ‘Naked Oats’. The grain of naked oats threshes free from the husk. Although naked oat varieties produce less yield than the conventional husked types the naked grain has considerable nutritional benefits. They produce higher oil and nutrient content. To avoid quality loss (e.g Rancidity) naked oats must be dried immediately after harvest to at least 14% moisture content. For longer term storage a moisture level of 12% is required.

SAUL can be sown from late autumn throught to the very end of spring. In the Czech Republic where they were bred, they have been own as late as 3rd week May and were at full height and panicle early July e.g 7 weeks. They are extemely competitive and have a growth habit that would suit organic farming. Naked oats are sought after by the pig, poultry and horse feed industry.

Iansons Bros of Masham, North Yorkshire are one of the largest users of Naked Oats in the country and they conducted an exercise where they asked a number of farmer suppliers to sow SAUL in October 2006. In excess of 200 acres were sown and they survived the winter extremely well coping with a -7 degree frost.

VOK Spring Oats

Vok is another new variety from the same breeder as ATEGO and ROZMAR. Currently in TAG Organic & Conventional Trials. Like the aforementioned varieties, VOK also has high yield potential, early maturing, very stiff straw and excellent resistance to Crown Rust.

However, the breeder claims VOK has better overall disease resistance than either ATEGO or ROZMAR having a considerably stronger resistance to mildew.