Spring Barley

LG Diablo

LG Diablo spring barley is the latest spring barley to be added to the 2018/2019 Recommended List and sits with the highest yield of any of the spring barleys. LG Diablo also sits with the highest untreated yield of any variety at 98%.

LG Diablo has a medium straw and strong agronomic package, reflecting its high untreated yields.

Currently under test for brewing and distilling ability.

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A new spring barley ideally suited to the livestock farmer. Evelina spring barley offers straw length and yields above Westminster as well as improved yields and grain quality. A quick to establish variety with superb disease resistance.

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RGT Planet

NEW RGT planet Spring Barley sits on the AHDB Recommended List as the highest yielding spring barley with approval for brewing. A fairly short variety, with good resistance to brackling and lodging. RGT Planet has exceptional resistance to Mildew and Ramularia but does not show such good resistance to yellow or brown rust.
A variety which should be considered as a feed as well as malting variety due to its high yields.

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Laureate spring barley, is a non GN variety, bred by Syngenta and is a new addition to the Recommended List with potential for brewing and malt distilling. With stock seed limited and potential for export we are likely to see a high demand and tight supply in Spring 2017.

Laureate performs well in all regions, but especially in the North where it outyields Concerto by a massive 14%. Laureate spring barley performs well in untreated situations, has a good resistance to brackling and superb resistance to mildew.

Definitely a variety which ticks all of the boxes

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Sienna is a spring barley bred by Limagrain which is suitable both for the malting and feed market. It is a tall, high tillering variety that produces excellent grain quality and an abundance of straw.  Sienna spring barley has the highest specific weight of any listed variety and outyields favourites, Propino and Odyssey.

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We are also able to supply the following varieties:

  • LG Tomahawk
  • RGT Asteriod
  • KWS Sassy
  • Propino
  • Concerto
  • Ovation
  • Hacker
  • Westminster