Spring Seed Update 2017

With nearly 2 weeks still left in January we are already seeing pressure on spring seed supplies, especially spring barley. A number of leading varieties are already sold out and the quantities left of those still available are decreasing rapidly. With a lot of enquiries for spring still to mature in February, March and into April we anticipate as a seed trade we will see a complete sell out of spring barley seed.

Pressure on supplies brings about increased prices as stocks first dwindle and expire followed by replacement stocks costing even more money to bring in.

We are already seeing Propino seed being imported from Germany, clearly for specific malting barley contracts as UK produced seed has run out. Where requirements aren’t necessarily so variety specific we will no doubt turn to surplus seed supplies available from Scotland where the varieties available may not be your first choice but we can at least purchase in sterling and they will be varieties known to you. Latterly, top up supplies will have to come in from Europe but with the Sterling / Euro exchange not in favour of importing will make these stocks even more expensive than current day on farm prices. It is also worth remembering that continental Europe didn’t have the best of harvests in 2016 either and a lot of countries are likely to be short of spring seed themselves, hence there is unlikely to be any cheap sellers of certified seed for us to import.

This all leads to making sure you take advantage of what UK produced seed stocks are available right now and consider if possible to take some cover at price levels that will be advantageous come February / March or make sure you are advising your potential customers sooner rather than later of the supply and demand situation with spring seed.

We currently, subject unsold, have the following stocks available…

Concerto Anabel Canyon Somtri Prophet Fuego
Laureate Mulika Rozmar Vertigo
Olympus KWS Willow Aspen
RGT Planet
For further details please contact Simon, Louise, Gemma or Trevor
on Tel: 01529 421081