Seed Testing Service Available

As merchants of organic seeds it would be unthinkable that we market any produce that had not first passed the highest possible levels of quality. In order to check this we subject all of our seed lots to a range of rigorous testing.

For sowing purposes all seed lots are checked for purity, viability, vigour and a range of disease tests according to type. We believe these checks are essential on organic material. Once drilled the seed needs to have a high %age germ figure and lots of energy in order to give it the best possible chance of quick and high establishment to cut down on competition from other unwanted field plants. Obviously high levels of disease in the seed you drill are unacceptable as they can have disastrous effects on yield and, unlike conventional seed crops, no remedial measures can be taken.

High levels of Bunt in wheat or triticale have been known to render such crops unmarketable. This is why we take every possible precaution to ensure our retail produce gives you the best and possibly only chance of maximum yields.

If you are considering home saving some of your own seed we strongly recommend you have your own produce put through the same regime of rigorous tests that we do. When compared to the financial return on yields it really is a small price to pay and can be regarded as a wise investment.

We have been using our own facilities for testing for many years now and are pleased to inform you we are now prepared to offer the same services at, we believe, the most competitive rates you will find anywhere.

If you do compare our prices, particularly on cereals, to others it is important to ask if the package you are getting includes a rapid viability and vigour test. Many don’t and charge extra if you require them. Furthermore some outlets cannot do the vigour

test, but where they do it is often charged separately to the viability thereby greatly increasing the cost.

There is little point in having high germination seed if it doesn’t have acceptable vigour. Our cereal test packages always include these two essential tests and in most cases are still cheaper than other providers packages that don’t.

Please click here to see our price list and order form or alternatively call 01529 421081 to request an order form be posted, emailed or faxed. We can also supply you with sample bags if needed. The good news is you don’t even have to be a member or current customer of ours to receive the discounts.