Duncan Hendry, grass and small seeds specialist at Cope Seeds & Grain

Meet our new grass and small seeds specialist

We’re delighted to welcome Duncan Hendry to the Cope Seeds team.

Hello, I’m Duncan Hendry, I am very pleased to have joined Cope Seeds Ltd.

I am looking forward to being able to offer the right products to satisfy your requirements. 

I have been involved with the agricultural industry for more than 45 years and during this time I have had the privilege of assisting growers and helping increase their profitability, production quality and quantity, with sound information and advice, for their inputs, and their markets. I am eager to continue this and help the farming community, with my position as grass and small seeds specialist with Cope Seeds & Grain. 

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Email: duncan.hendry@copeseeds.co.uk | Mobile: 07732 811356