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Evelina spring barley: The ideal choice for livestock farmers

A consistently solid performer, even in the difficult growing season of 2020, Evelina is proving increasingly popular with livestock farmers due to its high grain and straw yields.

Evelina’s superb disease resistance makes it a versatile variety suitable for growing in all regions in the UK.

Hampshire arable farmer Richard Monk has been growing Evelina since 2016. “Overall, Evelina is an easy crop to grow and a tidy feed variety to go into ration mixes,” he says. “It’s easy to manage, combines well and produces a good-looking grain, with a decent specific weight. It’s taller than the Recommended Listed varieties and has good resistance to lodging. The extra straw it produces will be of particular interest to livestock users.”



Spring barley with superb disease resistance

Orkney grower, Grahame Wilson grew Evelina for the first time in 2020 and says it’s been a great success. “What I’m looking for is quality grain, straw, earliness and health and I believe Evelina ticks these boxes.”

Gemma Clarke of seed suppliers Cope Seeds and Grain supports the grower’s comments on Evelina. “In UK trials, Evelina showed outstanding disease resistance with no weaknesses, the grains produced high specific weights and had low screenings. It has quick establishment and is early to mature and the straw was visibly taller than other varieties”.

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