Excel - A Higher Standard of Seed


Cope Seeds, has launched a new brand of seed, Excel that guarantees no blackgrass and improved germination and purity.

Excel seed will be grown by specialist producers who only use clean ground, will be inspected by our own licensed inspectors and will be treated in specialist seed plants where attention to detail can be assured.

Growers of Excel seed have to pass a rigorous inspection to ensure that they will be able to supply the quality product that is required.


No blackgrass guaranteed
Improved germination and purity
Grown by specialist producers
Inspected by our own licensed inspectors


  EEC Minimum HVS Standard Excel Standard
85% 85% 95%
Analytical purity 98% 99% 99.7%
Other cultivated
species in 1kg sample
14 3 3
Pieces of ergot in
1kg sample
5 1 1
blackgrass free
No No Yes

*Results based on the official 1kg search

Because seed will be limited, early ordering will be needed to guarantee supply.

To find out more, please phone 01529 421081
or email gemma@copeseeds.co.uk