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Matthew Williams grows Securo winter Triticale on his farm

Securo: low input, dual purpose triticale

Triticale solution for drought-prone light land Farmer: Matthew Williams, Shropshire arable farmer  Securo: 30 hectares Yields: 7.41 tonnes per hectare on drought-prone land Shropshire-based arable farmer, Matthew Williams, grows 30 hectares of Securo winter Triticale on his lighter land, where wheat, barley and OSR have struggled...

Nelson wheat

Nelson: the time is now for German E-Wheats

Strong demand for low input UK-grown high protein varieties  Farmer: Nick Philp, Berkshire arable farmer  Farm size: 1,200 hectares of owned and contracted farmland  Nelson: 80 hectares Yields: 8.1 tonnes per hectare on drought-prone land Berkshire arable farmer, Nick Philp, grows 80 hectares of Nelson E-class...

Richard Monk, Hampshire arable farmer

Evelina: increase profitability with versatile spring barley variety

The livestock farmers choice Farmer: Richard Monk, Hampshire arable farmer  Farm size: 1,250 hectares on mostly ‘Hampshire chalkland’ and some of which is contract farmed  Evelina: In 2016 Richard grew 36ha and then increased it to 41ha in year two and three Yields: In 2017, Evelina...