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Matthew Williams grows Securo winter Triticale on his farm

Securo: low input, dual purpose triticale

Triticale solution for drought-prone light land Farmer: Matthew Williams, Shropshire arable farmer  Securo: 30 hectares Yields: 7.41 tonnes per hectare on drought-prone land Shropshire-based arable farmer, Matthew Williams, grows 30 hectares of Securo winter Triticale on his lighter land, where wheat, barley and OSR have struggled...

Nelson wheat

Nelson: the time is now for German E-Wheats

Strong demand for low input UK-grown high protein varieties  Farmer: Nick Philp, Berkshire arable farmer  Farm size: 1,200 hectares of owned and contracted farmland  Nelson: 80 hectares Yields: 8.1 tonnes per hectare on drought-prone land Berkshire arable farmer, Nick Philp, grows 80 hectares of Nelson E-class...

Richard Monk, Hampshire arable farmer

Evelina: increase profitability with versatile spring barley variety

The livestock farmers choice Farmer: Richard Monk, Hampshire arable farmer  Farm size: 1,250 hectares on mostly ‘Hampshire chalkland’ and some of which is contract farmed  Evelina: In 2016 Richard grew 36ha and then increased it to 41ha in year two and three Yields: In 2017, Evelina...

Taylor Moore - Assistant variety rep at Cope Seeds & Grain

Assistant variety rep passes BASIS seed sellers certificate

Congratulations to Taylor Moore! Our assistant variety representative, Taylor Moore has passed the BASIS seed sellers certificate. This means he is now in a position to give seed recommendations to growers this autumn. “The course was taught over two days in February and it focused mainly on cereals,...