Whether it is for landscaping or sports use or for a domestic lawn, Cope Seeds can supply the right mixture, formulated for your needs. We are able to supply to the trade or the general public so if you are a Sports Club, a landscaper or a householder, call us for advice on what you require and a competitive price.


Cope Seeds are one of the leading suppliers of organic seed in the UK. We can offer a full range of grass seed mixtures specially tailored to the organic farmers needs. Whether it is short, medium or long term, for hay, silage or grazing, we have the right mixture for your requirements. Although our comprehensive range should cover most requirements, we are able to offer special bespoke mixtures in the odd situations where one of our standard mixtures doesnt quite fit the bill.


Alongside our organic range of grass seed mixtures, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of mixtures aimed at the non-organic farmer with mixtures designed to suit both high and low input systems. Again, if there are situations where a special designed mixture is required we have the experience to talk it through with you and design a ley mixture around your special needs.


Cope Seeds have grass seed mixtures for all types of equestrian situations. Whether it is for a horse or pony paddock or whether it is for a racecourse or polo lawn, we have formulated mixtures with the exact species and varieties that will perform well in your situation. Whether you have your own paddock or are a professional landscaper, please dont hesitate to contact us if you need any technical advice regarding your grass seed needs.


Whether you are looking for short term or long term use, we can supply seed which will provide cover for your game birds or provide feed for them. We can also supply mixtures of game cover seed if required. For further information contact 01529 421081 or


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