Organic Winter Wheat



This is the first year Costello Winter Wheat is available organically. Costello comes from the same UK agents as JB Diego and as such, the variety is being dubbed as the new, improved JB Diego and its not hard to see why. Costello offers consistently high untreated yields across the country paired with an exceptional grain quality. It is the best group 4 feed variety in terms of protein, hagberg and specific weight and we are already aware of a feed home which has put this variety on its list of preferred varieties.
Costello winter wheat is short, so we would advise this variety to be grown on your best fields.

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Cougar winter wheat has now been removed from the Recommended List as it does not have a place in the conventional market. However, it is still a variety to consider when being grown in the organic sector. It has an extremely high untreated yield, which is down to its high resistance to disease (it held the highest score on the recommended list for Septoria before it was removed), but it can be susceptible to eyespot. With less than 200 hectares in the ground for seed production, it’s market share will be low at less than 1% as most of the acreage is for organic use.

Orange Blossom Midge resistant.

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Evolution winter wheat is a tall, high yielding hard wheat variety with an excellent disease profile, scoring a 9 for Yellow Rust and 8 for Brown Rust, perfect for the organic grower. According to NIAB TAG, Evolutions specific weight can be relatively low, but its consistency window for yield and specific weight is small, ensuring less risk. It has given high yields in HGCA second wheat trials and performs well on a wide range of soil types.

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Revelation has a good resistance to lodging and has an excellent disease profile, especially mildew, yellow rust, brown rust and eyespot as well as fusarium. Its growth characteristics make it highly suited to early sowings.

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NELSON Winter Wheat


  • Low Input variety
  • Dual purpose – suitable for bread making and feed
  • Tall, Stiff & Extremely Winter Hardy
  • Superb grain quality with extremely high bushel weights

Nelson Winter Wheat is a German E-Quality Milling variety (Best rating available).

Nelson’s parentage is Solitar x Cubus x Turkis. In UK trials Solitar produced a negative result to inputs, which meant increased yield was neglible and wouldn’t cover the costs of the inputs and therefore proved suitable to organic situations.

Nelson produced excellent yields and grain quality on 2 organic farms in Lincolnshire in 2014. Nelson has a large flag leaf that keeps its green retention well. Nelson is also extremely tall, making it an excellent option for organic farmers.

Nelson performed the best of any milling variety in the OF & G Trials 2014 and came 6th out of 20 varieties in terms of yield, therefore making this an excellent dual purpose variety.

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Millers accept Nelson as milling variety and we are therefore looking to buy back Nelson grain from harvest 2016.

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New to the AHDB Recommended List, RGT Illustrious Winter wheat is a group 1 variety with full Nabim approval. Its untreated yields are above Revelation and Evolution whilst offering a potential milling premium, showing its dual ability as a variety.

It is a fairly tall variety, sitting in between Evolution and Revelation in terms of height. It is a late maturing variety and could be drilled as a second wheat due to its excellent eyespot resistance.

We are the only company with RGT Illustrious winter wheat organically, so supply is likely to be limited and therefore advise ordering early. Milling buy back contracts are available.

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