Organic Spring Wheat

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KWS Chilham

KWS Chilham Spring wheat is a new high yielding variety offering the highest untreated yields of any spring wheat on the AHDB 2018 Recommended List. KWS Chilham is also very vigorous, proving a useful tool in competing against weeds.

KWS Chilham is a group 2 variety but does have potential to be used in millers grists, so would advise testing the grain from harvest in case there is an opportunity to earn a premium.

KWS Chilham scores particularly well against Yellow Rust (7) compared to all other listed varieties and is Orange Blossom Midge resistant.

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KWS Cochise

KWS Cochise is from the same breeder as KWS Chilham and offers an alternative high yielding spring wheat option. Its untreated yield is 3% behind KWS Chilham but is taller (6cms) than its sister variety.

Whilst KWS Chilham offers excellent yellow rust resistance, this variety scores better for brown rust.

KWS Cochise is Orange Blossom Midge Resistant

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First listed in 1999, Paragon has been a good servant to both conventional and organic growers. Like hereward in the Winter Wheat sector, Paragon is recognised as the bred making quality benchmark by which all other spring wheats are judged.

Paragon has good all round disease resistance and good straw characteristics.

Mulika Organic Spring Wheat


A consistent and reliable milling variety which delivers good proteins, hagbergs and specific weights. Very similar to Paragons milling capabilities. According to this years Recommended List, Mulika offers good resistance to Yellow Rust and Brown Rust. Mulika is also Orange Blossom Midge resistance.


Doubleshot spring wheat is an RAGT variety, which offers excellent untreated yields, a tall straw (10cms above Tybalt) and untreated yields above Mulika and Paragon. It also offers an outstanding specific weight, giving better weights in Independent Private Trials above Mulika and Paragon.

Doubleshot chartDoubleshot chart 2