Organic Spring Beans



For many years, Fuego spring beans have dominated the Spring Bean area but we are now seeing a reduction in its area due to newcomers Vertigo and Fanfare. However Fuego is still agronomically sound, combining very good standing power with early maturity and good downy mildew resistance.

Feugo has excellent quality, producing grain with a high thousand grain weight. Feugo spring beans have good resistance to downy mildew and are relatively early maturing.

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Vertigo is the newest spring bean to be added to the PGRO Recommended List and offers a 7% yield advantage over Fuego whilst also offering a slight improvement in quality.  The only slight difference in favour of Fuego is its score for standing.

Fanfare Organic Spring Beans


Offering yields 5% above Fuego, Fanfare spring bean is a consistent variety that offers good quality, albeit slightly below that of Fuego. Fanfare has an excellent agronomics package offering a slightly improved standing score when compared to Vertigo.

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