Organic Spring Barley



ARMADA Spring Barley is a trusted and loyal variety which was bred in Germany. It is extemely clean and shows outstanding disease resistance to Rynchosporium, Mildew, Yellow and Brown Rust. Yields are competitive as displayed in Independent Agrii trials in 2014.

ARMADA Spring Barley produces bold samples of feed quality grain with very high specific weight. In addition to these outstanding attributes ARMADA produces high straw yields. In TAG Organic Trials, the straw length and yield was 2nd only to Dandy but showed +16% more grain yield.

Variety Untreated Yield (t/ha) Specific Weight (Kg/hl) Height (cm)
KWS Irina 5.5 60.6 89.5
Sanette 5.46 60.6 87.4
Propino 6.33 62.1 99.7
ARMADA 6.66 64.5 115

AGRII Private Trials 2014 Wiltshire

Armada is the perfect Organic Spring Barley choice.

ARMADA = Yield + Straw + Disease Resistance




Propino is a malting variety which was added to the 2010/2011 HGCA Recommended List. It has high treated and untreated yields with excellent malting qualities. Organic C2 Propino seed available for Spring 2017. With its all round characteristics it does sell quick, so ensure your orders are placed early.

Malting Buy back contracts available.

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Odyssey is a malting type which is fully approved for distilling and provisional 2 approval for Malt. It offers high untreated yields (2% higher than Quench, 5% higher than Westminster, but 1cm shorter than Propino). Propino has a high resistance to Rhynchosporium scoring a 7, which is the highest score of any variety on the list and a 9 for mildew.
Definitely a variety worth looking at.



WESTMINSTER spring barley is a long standing favourite in the organic sector with long, stiff straw. It has excellent all round disease resistance combined with very high specific weight.

Accepted by some end users as a malting barley. However, the combination of relatively long straw and good disease resistance characteristics mean WESTMINSTER is an excellent choice as a feed wheat also.

Malting Buy Backs available on Westminster. If you are interested please get in touch.

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Evelina Spring Barley

Evelina Spring Barley


Bred by Austrian plant breeder Saatzucht Edelhof, Evelina spring barley is another exclusive to Cope Seeds. The variety boasts outstanding disease resistance, tall straw with high yields of grain and straw, perfect for the organic farmer with livestock.

Evelina was trialled in Independent Private Trials and whilst achieving competitive yields, it was the earliest variety to mature and achieved the best specific weight of any variety in the trial.

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Bred by RAGT, this variety, narrowly missed getting on the ADHB Recommended List. However we asked RAGT for permission to market the variety as we felt it had a significant place in the organic sector due to its similarity to Westminster. RGT Conquest spring barley is suitable for feed and potentially brewing.

RGT Conquest spring barley is a tall variety, standing only 2cms below Westminster, offers a better disease resistance portfolio and achieves untreated yields of 3% above Westminster.

  Mildew Yellow Rust Brown Rust Rhynco Height
RGT CONQUEST 9 9 6 8 79cms
EVELINA 9 7 6 7 81cms

The logical step up from Westminster.

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