Arable Silage Mixtures

Arable Silage mixtures can provide valuable amounts of high protein forage for livestock farmers as well as leaving residual nitrogen for following crops. The crop, once ensiled can provide excellent winter feed rations for dairy, beef and sheep.

Arable Silage can produce excellent yields from a short growing period of approximately 13 –16 weeks with the silage combining high intake potential that can be used as part of a mixed forage diet. The pea content of these mixtures can also help increase the protein content.

Arable silage mixtures can be under sown with a new grass ley to further maximise land use. Arable Silage Mixtures are sown late March to Mid April with a seeding rate of 75 – 85 kilos per acre if sown on their own or 50-60 kilos per acre if undersown with a grass crop. The resultant crop can be baled or clamped and should produce around 12-15 tonnes fresh weight per acre with a typical analysis of:-
Dry matter 30- 40%
ME 9- 11MJ/kg
Crude Protein 9- 11%

Cope Seeds offer 3 standard mixtures which normally available for immediate dispatch:-


30% ORGANIC EVELINA, Spring Barley
10% ORGANIC PROPHET, Spring Peas
30% ATLAS/VELVET, Spring Peas

Our most popular Organic Arable Silage mixture, CSO1 produces a good balance of yield, starch and protein together with the ability to be undersown with a grass mixture.

Suggested sowing rate – 75 kilos per acre (185 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 50 kilos per acre (125 kilos per hectare) if undersown with a grass mixture


20% ORGANIC EVELINA, Spring Barley
30% ORGANIC PROPHET, Spring Peas
30% ATLAS/VELVET, Spring Peas

This mixture will be slightly lower yielding than CSO1 but with a higher protein content.
Suggested sowing rate 80-85 kilos per acre (200 – 210 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 60-65 kilos per acre (150-160 kilos per hectare) if undersown.


35% ORGANIC EVELINA, Spring Barley
35% ORGANIC ROZMAR, Spring Oats
30% ATLAS/VELVET, Spring Peas

A traditional Arable Silage mixture that also includes Oats as well as Barley and Peas. Oats can do better than Barley in less favourable conditions or areas of higher rainfall.

Suggested sowing rate – 75 kilos per acre (185 kilos per hectare) if sown alone or 50 kilos per acre (125 kilos per hectare) if undersown with a grass mixture.


EVELINA, Spring Barley

A new variety for 2016, Evelina is extremely quick to establish with a straw height exceeding that of both Armada and Westminster. Evelina has good standing power and good disease resistance. Our organic seed grower commented that it was the best looking crop of barley that he had seen in years.

WESTMINSTER, Spring Barley

A well proven variety with an excellent track record for arable silage. Westminster combines good straw length and excellent disease resistance to produce large amounts of good quality forage.

ROZMAR, Spring Oat

Rozmar has shown over the last couple of years to be an excellent variety for use in Arable Silage. Early to mature with good yields and excellent disease resistance, especially to Crown Rust help Rozmar to produce good amounts of clean disease free forage.

ATLAS, Spring Pea

A large blue variety with high yields similar to Prophet. Atlas has good standing power and excellent disease resistance.

PROPHET, Spring Pea

Still the most popular field pea variety around, Prophet is a high yielding, large blue with an excellent track record. Prophet has good standing ability together with excellent downy mildew resistance.

VELVET, Spring Pea

A very high yielding white pea that in official UK trials out yielded the well know and popular variety Mascara by 4%. Although longer strawed than Mascara, Velvet had better standing power making it an ideal choice for arable silage mixtures.


Although we have the above mixtures readily available, we are more than happy to quote for any special arable silage mixture that you would like to plant. Mixtures CSO1 and CSO2 for instance can also be mixed to order using oats rather than barley if required. Vetches are also available for inclusion if required. Non-Organic mixtures are also available on request.

Please contact Simon on 01529 421081 or for price and availability